Attention Deficit Disorder is nothing that a
solid kick in the ass can't cure.

Attention Deficit Disorder is bullshit and anyone that "has it" should be shot. You have a kid that misbehaves? Smack the little shit up side the head and tell him to shut up. I'm tired of all these pussy parents that are afraid to discipline their kids.

There's a fine line between child abuse and discipline. Take my dad for example; when I screwed up, my dad would electrocute me. And look at me today: flawless. Electrocution builds character.

All seriousness aside, the real reason ADD exists is because executives at pharmaceutical companies need to make their Lexus payments. Companies that produce Ritalin, Dexedrin and Cylert make billions of dollars every year selling their shit to lazy/irresponsible parents that want an excuse for letting their kids become the stupid, obnoxious, spoiled bratts that they're growing up to be. When I was a kid, all my parents gave me was a brick to play with. If I complained about the brick, my dad would drop kick me in the throat and I'd realize how ungrateful I was being.

I bet all those wimps diagnosed with ADD when they were kids are the same dipshits that still pay with checks in grocery stores. NOBODY PAYS WITH CHECKS ANYMORE. Get out of the stone ages. Seriously. People that pay with checks drive me up the wall. Might as well pay with foreign currency. Some old lady was paying with a check while I was in line at the grocery store the other day, so I dislocated her hip. Old lady had nothing on me, I kick ass!

225,118 blow me.

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