.:*~*:._.:*~*: theres plenty of room for agnostics... in hell .:*~*:._.:*~*:

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i was telling my friend trisha how i cant wait to die and go to heaven. she was like "i dont believe in heaven". wtf? i couldnt believe the words coming out of her mouth. so i asked her what she believed in, she said she didnt know and that she was an "agnostic". agnostic? more like fagnostic. so i said "whatever, if you want to burn in hell for being a faggot be my guest". then she got up to go home, and i was like "yeah right" so i kicked her down the stairs and she broke her colar bone and sprained her ankle pretty bad and started crying, so i was like "oh where is your agnostic faith now you dumb bitch?" ROFLMAO!!!!!

the last time she was this stupid was when she said that she wasnt going to become a vegetarian so i punched her in the face. peta was right all along, non-vegetarians are cruel.

754,621 fagnostics are burning in hell.


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