I hate Old People.

I'm in class today sitting behind this old guy. Every time the teacher asked a rhetorical question, he'd raise his fat hand and give some dumbass remark. Put your hand down asshole, nobody wants to hear what you have to say. Every time I thought he couldn't top the bullshit he already spewed, he'd prove me wrong by talking some more: "I read once that the border of Asia is next to the Caspian Sea." Great dipshit, anyone else want to contribute something completely irrelevant? While we're at it, why don't we just make the entire class participate and we can sit around listening to everyone's opinions and then discuss our feelings in a group circle. At this point I go into a berserker rage and head-butt my desk until I give myself a concussion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: old people should be eaten. All this bitching about the mad cow disease, why worry when there are so many old people we can eat. It would solve so many problems. No more old people driving 35 on the freeway. No more old people sucking up Medicare funds. No more old people on life insurance commercials. I can't stand the Liberty Medical commercials.. the one with that guy and his wife.. with her smug grin on her face... "they deliver our supplies right to our door!" Oh, you think that's pretty special huh? How about I put my foot up your ass, grandma? Teach you to make those smug grins and wide-eyed expressions at me again. Then the commercial ends with the old guy winking at his wife, saying "...Liberty Medical gives us more time to do the fun things in life..." it pans to them walking by some old piece of shit car. The idea of old people getting it on makes me SICK *BARF*. MANDATORY CASTRATION AFTER THE AGE 60. Man I hate people.

Speaking of people I hate (everyone), I was on my way to work the other day when I see this punk kid throwing snowballs out into traffic, laughing it up with his buddies. They weren't laughing too much when I was chasing them with my shovel. Dumbass thought he was invisible or something. Seriously, I will pay some people not to have kids. Take me up on my offer: maddox@xmission.com

246,490 old people pissed me off today.

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