Words, phrases and gestures that should never be used:
(I'm no expert on words or the english language, but I know what sounds stupid when I hear it.)

..Words & Phrases..

The Bomb: He/She/It is the bomb. I hate that phrase. Example: "How was the movie?" "It was the bomb." or "Let's go to that resteraunt, it's the bomb." It's a stupid phrase that has caught on because a bunch of punks started saying it, probably in reference to the best known bomb in history (the atom bomb), and now all these stupid little jerks on the Jenny Jones show say it, and I hope they all die.

Talk to the Hand: This is usually said by manly-women with dog-like facial features (huge veins, snarling, and sometimes foaming at the mouth) during an argument. It's usually accompanied by a panning of the head from left to right, and followed up with a solid "No you don't" or "uh-uh, no way girlfriend" (See Head Panning in Gestures).

Dubba-Dubba: I hesitate to even call it a word, but "Dubba" has recently been used on the WB network to promote their shows. It's a retarded way of saying "double", like in the letter 'W', so instead of it being the "Double-U B Netowrk" it's the "Dubba-U B Network". They've made a whole song and dance out of it featuring the entire cast of the WB universe dancing and singing their "Dubba-Dubba" nonsense.

Trippy / Tripping: Examples: "that movie was trippy." or "she was tripping out on me." These words probably came about as a way of expressing the feelings induced by being stoned or high. Pathetic gen-X trendy losers usually use this phrase to sound edgy or clueless, when in reality they're just a bunch of suck-ass sissies with no jobs, baggy pants, and dyed hair.

Out There: This word is usually used to describe someone with non-conforming ideals or standards. In other words, if you're out there, you're either considered crazy, weird and unusual, or outrageous.

Dope: Can be used to express satisfaction of something. Examples: "Those are some dope pants." or "that's dope." It's just another way of saying cool

Generation X: This one REALLY bugs me. I hate it. It's just a stupid buzz word that's caught on by the media to describe the emerging MTV generation of pathetic losers. Pepsi has jumped on the bandwagon with their new "Generation NeXt" campaign, and all the losers are buying into it! I hate pepsi.

The Information Super Highway: Stupid. Nobody that uses the internet calls it an information super highway (as opposed to an information street? or an information avenue?). The only good thing about this phrase is that it's a good way of finding out how little someone knows about the internet if they say it.

Fly: He/She/it/that is fly. It's another way of expressing the satisfaction in something (see dope).

Hacker: Extremely overused. It seems like anyone that knows how to use DOS or Unix is considered a hacker by the media and the ignorant. It's almost an insult and a cliche to be called a hacker anymore. Real hackers sit in their basements all night long on their computer, deciphering pages and pages of hex with little or no consideration for hygene, eat stale/cold pizza and crackers, don't use windows 95, don't have lives of any sort, don't care to have lives of any sort, know unix inside out, and are resourceful. Being able to find bugs in a system and to exploit those bugs to your benefit, and being able to decipher encrypted files/passwords is what hacking is about. I'm not a hacker. Anyone that labels themselves as a hacker probably isn't one.

The Artist Formerly Known As: I think this one is self-explanatory.

Cyber-anything: Cyber-space, Cyber-chat, Cyber-sex, Cyber-world. Lame. It's just another buzz word.

Now That's what I'm Talking About: Usually pronounced "Now thas what I'm talkin' 'bout". It's used when someone is pleased or satisfied with something. It's another way of saying "I'm impressed". It's just wrong.

Money: It's a way of saying something is good or valid. Like if someone shot a basketball towards a basketball hoop, and it had a good chance of going in, the shooter might say something like "That's money". It's stupid.


Raise the Roof / Turn it up: It's that stupid gesture people do where they lift their arms up and down like they're lifting something up. It's stupid, and nobody should do it.

Head Panning: The panning of the head from left to right, and slightly forward. When done correctly, you can follow a point on top of the person's head, to form a perfect capital 'Z'. This is usually done when someone can't win a fight with the people they're arguing with, and they know it. So they move their heads around and get bug-eyed to look intimidating. Sometimes the phrases "Oh no you don't" or "Oh no I didn't" are accompanied with it.

The Hand: The action of putting your hand up (palm facing towards the person) so that the person you were talking to can no longer see your eyes or face, usually accompanied with a 90 degree jerking of the head to the left or right, as to further ignore the person you were talking to.

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