Banners Blow.


You know what the internet needs? More banners that insult my intelligence. There's nothing I like more than going to a site and downloading 3 megs of shitty obnoxious banners. Doesn't anyone have integrity anymore? Every jackass that comes along and makes a web page sells out to some shitty company that wants to rape the internet with more ads selling credit cards, long distance services, clothing and midgets.


Does anyone even click on these links? I mean, seriously? Who cares? Whatever it is that they're offering, I don't need it. The only banners I'd ever put up on my page are ones for things I find useful or cool (which is just about nothing, because there's not much on the internet that's actually useful or cool--with the exception of my site because it kicks way too much ass--nay sayers can go to hell).


How can I afford to keep this web page running for so long without any advertisements? Easy: I work. In fact, this web page has done nothing but cost me time and money. Why do I continue putting shit on here? Just for fun. I'm not going to sell out and clog up my web site with banners just because I'm too cheap to shell out $20 a month for an ISP and some decent web space.

Banners and advertisements are the source of censorship on the internet. I was offered the opportunity a while ago to sell advertisements on my web page for a small profit, while having my site hosted on a cool network. Some of the banners would be promoting WWF wrestling.. so what would happen if I suddenly wanted to put up an anti-WWF page? Chances are that the advertisers would pull and if I relied on their money, then I couldn't afford to put up the web page and I'd effectively be censored by the advertisers. There are just too many dipshit cowards out there that aren't willing to admit this, hence the flood of crap that we have on the internet today. The information superhighway MY ASS. Worthless ad bullshit is more like it. That's what they should have named the internet: "Worthless ad bullshit that nobody needs." One big marketing machine to brainwash us into buying MORE SHIT WE DON'T NEED.

179,492 cowards have sold out to advertisers.

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