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  • Resteraunts/food:

    La Frontera / Lorena's - Probably the worst restaurant I've ever been to. I don't know if it's local only or not, but I can't imagine how a place like this would last as a franchise. The first time I went in, I was not impressed to say the least. The whole resteraunt was poorly lit and just looked dirty, almost like a grainy technicolor movie from the 70's (black edges on the walls & tables, gum meaded into the carpet, and generally a worn out look to everything; still I thought I'd give it a try). I decided to order something neutral or familiar that I've liked in the past, so I ordered the chicken enchilada. After about 15 minutes of staring at the piece of rice stuck in my fork, my food finally came. My plate consisted of a grey/brown runny mess, a fried loaf, a scoop of rice with a pale pink hue to it, and a triangular packet of sour cream.

    "It's okay..", I said to myself, "I've seen worse.."

    So I decided to smear some sour cream on my loaf, and dig in. The word "gross" doesn't begin to describe what I was eating. First of all, it was NOT chicken, but turkey, and bad turkey at that. It was rampant with cartilage, tough to chew in some parts, and dry from freezer burn in others. After struggling to swallow two or three bites, I decided to wash it down with some of the liquid beans on my plate (what was left of it, after the "enchilada" shell was saturated from soaking it up). The beans tasted like, well, beans for the most part. But I'm not used to eating beans liquid enough to drink with a straw. Now came the rice. As unappetizing as it looked, I tried it, hoping to cut my losses and salvage something off my plate. Simply put, I've tasted steamed rice with more flavor. I considered drinking some water from my stained cup to add flavor to the rice. Looking around the room, I spotted my salvation (other than the exit door): salt & pepper shakers, and a bottle of "salsa". The salt and black pepper helped me choke down another few bites, and the salsa almost made me bring it back up. It's really hard to describe the taste of the salsa (I forgot to mention, it was the same salsa served to us when we sat down for our "complimentary" chips & salsa). The taste was primarily that of Cumin & parsley.

    Since then, I've had to go two more times (my friends convinced me to try the "good" dish, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went again). Suffice it to say it was just as bad, if not worse than the first time I went. I won't even begin to tell you about the mystery meat I got this time. Bottom line: Never go to Lorena's/La Frontera, or any restaurant that begins with 'L' to be on the safe side.

    McDonalds - While I don't hate this restaurant nearly as bad as Lorena's, I still refuse to eat there. McDonalds' food sucks. Their burgers are foul, their play ground stinks (not that I play on it... ahem), and their food just plain blows. Besides, I think they're co-conspirators of Disney.

    Burger King - King my ass. I used to like Burger King, but I don't know what finally made me realize they sucked. Their poor service? Lack of quality? Bad food? Obnoxious commercials with stupid songs? I think the music during their commercials really did it for me. I hate those stupid songs.

    Arbys - I just hate Arbys. Their curly fries suck, their selection (or lack thereof) is pathetic, their secret sauce tastes like puke. I.. hate Arbys. What else can I say?

    Smith's - A local grocery store. More generally, you should boycott all grocery stores that give you a "free" coupon card to save you money. If the card is really free, and just meant to save you money, why do they require all sorts of registration information to hold one? Why do they require you to be 18 years or older to have one? How come I use the card and get a sudden influx of coupons for products I buy from the store? I'll tell you why: it's a conspiracy. Sure, they get all your information when you sign up for the free card, and why not? It's going to save you money, right? Wrong. I don't think so. Everything you buy with the card, they know about. Not only that, but they know where you live, when you buy it (what time of year: holidays, seasons, etc), what kind of person you are (they can do all kinds of background checks), how often you buy a particular item, what brands you prefer.. everything about you and the products you buy. Do you realize how much valuable market research you're giving them every time you use your card and "save"? It's a form of brainwashing, if you think about it. You have to buy food. Grocery stores are convenient. So while you shop, they pump you full of advertisements & propaganda, with clever catch phrases like "you could have saved $___" if you don't use your card, posted on the bottom of your reciept.. so if you're not paying attention to details, you might succumb and sign up for one of their cards. Another sucker selling away their privacy to save a few cents.

    What if you bought a lot of fertilizer from a "card store" and a bomb went off in your city made of the same stuff? If you used your card, there's a lot better chance the FBI would be knocking on your door asking questions than if you hadn't. Who knows what they do with their databases? Who knows who they sell your records to? I for one am not going to sit by and let them get away with this. Boycott all stores that make you use a card to save.

  • TV/Movies:

    MTV - I hate MTV. I used to watch it when they still aired liquid television (a bunch of really wierd cartoons from all around the world), and some aeon flux. Even then I didn't like MTV. I consider MTV and everything like it (The Box, M2, etc) rubbish, and I won't have anything to do with it.

    Titanic - I haven't even seen it. And I refuse to. What a crappy premise for a movie.

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