Packing for a trip?
Don't forget pack your kids.

pack those bastards!

I flew out to California recently (which, by the way, is infinitely better than the shit festival that is Utah) and I had the misfortune of being on a plane full of screaming children. This little jerk sat behind me the whole time, kicking my seat, bitching about how uncomfortable he was and making my life a living hell; miserable little shit, I should have lobbed his ass out the window. What's with the airport policy about carry-on bags? I'm allowed to carry on 1 tiny bag, yet all these parents mosey on with a couple of fat-ass kids in their hands, a stroller to haul them around in and a bag full of baby toys (which suck by the way.. I stole a bag of toys from a kid on the airplane.. everything he had was shit. The toys broke with one or two tries.. and I didn't even match them up against my GI-Joe key chain)

I say that if I'm not allowed to carry on more than one bag, then kids should count as luggage and parents should have to choose. If your kid doesn't fit in the sizing bin, TOO BAD. Check it up front and pick it up with the rest of your baggage; because when all is said and done, that's all kids are: baggage. Parents should have no special rights.

Parents are just trying to make the rest of our lives a living hell. The rest of us are out there, flying around, enjoying our lives care free while they have to sit around and baby sit their brats. Then everyone has to drop what they're doing and accomodate them and their little monsters while they hog up all the good seats on the airplane and eat all the dolphin cheese crackers that taste like shit anyway. While I'm at it, what's with AT&T's propaganda on airplanes these days? You can't use your cell phone on the airplane (which is probably a good thing because all you dumbasses who can't live without your ears glued to your cell phones have no choice), but you can use AT&T's phone on the plane? Bullshit. It's pure bullshit. Man, why aren't people calling AT&T on this? BAH.

468,495 asshole kids kicked my seat on my flight back from California.

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