Castrate Clinton.

Off with 
his pecker!

Lets face it: Clinton is a Ho Humping Skank Banger.

Everyone seems to be moaning about whether they should impeach, or censure the president. What's the big deal? I say lop off his Johnson, and get it over with. Clinton doesn't deserve to have a pecker. I think it's high time for him to face the music and to get his meat wrench removed.

I can't believe he was voted into office in the first place. What an idiot. He constantly has this look on his face like he's eating shit or something. It's time for change when a shit-eater like that can become our president. Nobody knows what the hell's going on anymore, and that's why I've decided to run for president. If I was in office, I'd kick some ass. None of this diplomacy bullshit they have now. With me, it's all war, all the time. Peace is shit.

First of all, I'd do away with all the republicans and the democrats. They're all lying, thieving whores. Sometimes I wonder if all they do is sit around all day and come up with shitty ideas. I've decided that this is the case. Second, I'd dump anti-freeze on my neighbor's lawn. She's a bitch, and I hate her. Her daughter used to throw rocks at me while I walked home from school. I hate her. Oh.. also, I'd pass a law making it illegal to make shitty movies, and I'd exile Celine Dion and Julia Roberts to Utah (America's anus). The new Julia Roberts movie is particularly horrible. It's called Step Mom, and her wretched face haunts me everywhere I go. I was at a book store the other day, and.. no wait.. that was someone else. But I was driving home from the mall the other day, and oh man.. was it ever a big mistake. It was teeming with people wanting to buy those shitty pants with stripes down the side. Oooh.. how cool, a stripe down the side! No.

258,245 people want Clinton's Johnson chopped off.

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