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Here's a thought:


I was at a theater the other day when suddenly some asshole's cell phone went off right in the middle of the movie! AAAAGGGHHH. Since when did everyone in the universe need to be contacted at any given moment and anywhere in the world?! You'd think that turning a cellular phone off during a movie would be standard procedure out of courtesy and consideration of others, but apparently four people thought otherwise.

The first three interruptions weren't that bad, as they quickly turned off their phones (after fumbling for 5 minutes, looking for the damn thing). The last one, however, was a complete DIPSHIT. This chick gets a phone call in the middle of a movie.. so what does she do? She takes the call of course. Not only that, but she sits there and talks to the caller!! Right in the middle of the movie, this jackass is exchanging phone numbers, addresses, greetings.. hell, they probably even had high school flash backs. AAGGHHH.

You know.. it's bad enough that these dipshits are stupid enough to bring a cell phone to a movie, but then to top it off, they have a musical ringer! Nothing says "I'm an asshole" like your cell phone going off to "Phantom of the Opera" in a theater. Man, I hate people.

It's not like going to the theater isn't bad enough to begin with; having to watch some jackass try to impress his date in front of you is enough to make me PUKE. Now give that jackass a cellular phone, and presto. Instant asshole. Damn. At least if you're going to bring a phone to a theater, have the decency to put it on silent mode. Anyone with me on this?

178,749 dipshits brought their cell phones to theaters the last time I went.

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