Going To Eat Chinese?
Don't use chop sticks.

At some point in your life, you will know someone that insists on trying to be part of a culture that he or she doesn't belong to. Let me just come out and say that it bugs the hell out of me when people eat chinese food with chop sticks. What's the point of eating chinese food, IN AMERICA, with chop sticks? As if it was real chinese food in the first place. I think I can safely say that 90% of all "chinese" food in America has been watered down and Americanized so all the pussies that can't eat spicy food will stop bitching. Not only is the food rarely authentic, but then we have a slew of dipshits that patronize the culture further by eating the watered-down, sweet-and-sour mush with chop sticks. Going for the full authentic effect eh? Does it make the food taste better? Does it satisfy a deep internal need to prove that you're more cultured than everyone else by using chop sticks?

What the hell is with chop sticks anyway? I practiced eating with them in school (when I was forced to), and haven't used them since. What's the point? It's like trying to eat with a fork that has a pivot. WHAT'S THE POINT? Why not just use a fork or a spoon like the rest of the universe, cut the bullshit, and get on with your lives? What the hell is wrong with you people? I just don't get it. Why do people insist on using chop sticks? THIS KEEPS ME AWAKE AT NIGHT.

275,444 dipshits use chop sticks JUST TO PISS ME OFF.

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