All You Clinton Sympathizers Are Bleeding Heart Sissies

That Monica

Lets impeach the horny bastard!

So he got his knob shined in the white house, nobody's business but his, right? Wrong. People don't have sex on accident. That draft dodging horny bastard screwed that supreme whore, Monica Lewinsky, and now he's looking for sympathy?! Wake up you jerks. He doesn't need sympathy. He needs to be flogged, like in the good days when presidents were flogged on a daily basis, just to keep them in line. Now everything is politically correct and user friendly. To hell with it, I say. Things should be harder to understand, harder to use, and as painful as possible. Pain builds character.

If you got caught screwing around on the job, you'd probably get fired, and so would I. Why should he get away with it? What about his wife and daughter? Does anyone care about them anymore? Or do they have to have a drunken orgy in order to get sympathy? Why is everything so ass backwards these days? He screwed up, lied under oath, and continues to play the definition game with every word he says. If he couldn't resist the temptation of screwing around with that slutty intern, then who's to say that he'd be able to resist greater temptations, like bribes or political favors?

He should be impeached because he's a horny old man, and then he should be banished to Cuba so he can hang out with his commie friend Castro. I hear they have great cigars down there.. then he can have all the kinky sex he want. That pedophile.

275,344 people would impeach me if they could.

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