A Cop Flipped Me Off Today

I was driving to school today, minding my own business when suddenly I passed an asshole cop that gave me the finger! Out of nowhere, I look at this cop while I'm driving by, and he lifts his hand to his window and gives me the one finger salute. What the hell? That's bullshit.. if anyone flipped off a cop, chances are that they'd get pulled over and harassed, but if the tables are turned it's okay? I'm going to make a huge sign that says "KISS MY ASS" and flash it to every cop I see from now on. I'm sick of obeying the law and driving under speed limit while some asshole cop cruises by at well over the posted limit. I once saw a cop turn on his sirens for the duration of a red light to get through quicker. There was no emergency he was heading to.. nobody to pull over, he was just an impatient prick. I even followed him for a couple of miles to verify (not that I don't have anything better to do, but cops are getting away with too much these days).

These bastards have too much power. On top of that, they get honored left and right for enforcing bullshit laws that take away our rights, and they keep getting more laws passed to take away even more rights. A good cop is one who knows the difference between a serious crime and a petty traffic violation. We need more good cops. If there isn't anything for them to do, they shouldn't resort to digging up things to get someone in trouble for. They should go around neighborhoods sniping people's dogs. Stupid dogs always barking and shitting all over the place. They drool, harbor bugs and disease. Filthy, disgusting, stupid.

212,921 cops have flipped me off since I put up this page..

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