Dancing Blows.

    I've always hated dancing. When I was in high school, junior high, and elementary, I hated dancing. Ever since I could remember, I hated dancing. I'm sure I even hated dancing when I was in my mother's womb. I hate everything about it. I hate it how a song can transform people into simple-minded doddering oafs, dancing about a loud, filthy room in costumes or suits, trying to woo the opposite sex with funky pelvic gyrations.

    Anyone that likes dancing should be caned a good 20 or 30 thousand times. That'll teach them not to have self-induced seizures any more (or at least not in the presence of music). And that's another thing. Music. Music is just the expression of a bunch of suck-ass sissies that don't have anything better to do with their lives than to sing about love and hope and all that other pansy crap that makes people cry during movies and songs. Stupid people. I tell you, we're becoming a bunch of wimps.

    What ever happened to the 70's? I wish it were the 70's again, because everything sucked and nobody complained. The 80's sucked too. What the hell was Alf about? What a stupid idea for a TV show. Alf, and Small Wonders, with that damned little girl that was supposed to be a robot. Her and her stupid little brother. I hated him. That fat little jerk. I hated Punky Brewster too. Her shoes sucked, her fake dad Henry sucked, and her dog sucked. The only good dogs were Brain from Inspector Gadget and the hell hound from Clash of the Titans. The hell hound from Clash of the Titans isn't cool anymore though, because that damned TBS played the movie too much. So now we have a legion of posers that like the hell hound, when all they really like is that other crap TBS plays, like Saved by the Bell.

    I hate Saved by the Bell. Screech was the only remotely tolerable character on the show, but only because it was fun to imagine stomping his head in every time he was on the show. And then one of the girls from Saved by the Bell went on to work in the movie Show Girls, only to be looked down upon by feminists (femi-nazis) because they shriek and moan about pornography being degrading to women. Obviously, stripping down for a bunch of horny people in a bar isn't degrading enough, because women still do it. Why do they do it? For the money. So the statement "pornography is degrading to women" isn't a true statement because it's only degrading to the women saying it, not to the women that strip in clubs. I think if the feminist movement wants to gain some credibility, it has to be universal and much more organized and that damned Ellen Degeneris isn't helping either.

    I hate Ellen Degeneris. Nobody cares about her and her stupid little gay campaign. I think the proof in that statement lies in the fact that her show got canceled. Good, I say. Cancel Ellen Degeneris because she's a hag. Every time I see her face, I get reminded of this shriveled old shrew that cut me off in an intersection on my way to work. I had done nothing to provoke her, yet this hag just cuts me off and gives me this crusty glare that would turn fresh milk sour. I wish I knew where she lived so I could spit on her stupid car. That's another thing. Old people. They're slow, they smell, and they can't control their bladders. I tell you, when you're too old to wipe your ass, you're too old to live. If I get old, I'm going to be courteous enough to either stay home all day, or launch myself into a wall with a cannon so people won't have to worry about another old jerk that drives slow on the freeway and pays less to get into movies, and shits all over himself when his colostomy bag explodes.

    I read in a news paper a long time ago about some guy that worked at a local Taco Bell that got killed when the bean cooker exploded. What a stupid way to die. I'm glad he's dead. More air for me. It's also one less person serving Taco Bell trash that I have to worry about. I hate Taco Bell. I want to eat that stupid little dog on the commercials.

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