TV shows I'd rather gargle a bucket
of diarrhea than see.

I've decided that TV is shit. You know something's wrong with people when shows like Dawson's Creek and Ally McBeal get high ratings. Shows that make me want to puke. The following shows in particular give me diarrhea:

Donnie & Marie: One of the worst shows on TV. Just once I'd like to see that asshole Donnie admit that he's a worthless shit-eater. And that hag Marie.. smiling all the time.. what does her dumbass have to smile about?
couple of assholes

The Roseanne Show: One word -- obnoxious. Roseanne has been, and always will be a hack. She tries so hard to look like a loud, on-the-edge comedian, but in the end she's just loud. Her voice makes my skin crawl, I can't imagine why anyone would watch her coma-inducing show.. bottom line: who cares? You had your chance in the 80's, screwed up, now go away.

Anything with Whoopi Goldberg in it: I hate Whoopi Goldberg. Everything about her screams shitty. She's not funny, outspoken, and evil. I can't think of one performance she's made that made me think "Hmm.. maybe she's not as shitty as I thought." Her time is up, next.
whoops.. who hired her?

VIP: The ultimate show for all you Bay Watch wankers. It has that Pamela Anderson Lee slut in it, starring as a girl from a small town that hits Beverly Hills to be a star. The slut gets hired by a security firm and the (not so) hilarious antics ensue. This show insults the intelligence (or lack thereof) of all its vewers and should be canceled based on principle.

Felicity: I don't even know what this show's about, but I know it's shitty. No wait.. actually I think it's about some slutty high school girl that loses her virginity. Yay. Who the hell would watch this shit? Change the channel.

Dawson's Creek: THAT BASTARD. The one with the bushy eye brows.. I hate him. Always standing in the boat with his thumb up his ass. I'd love to see him get his ass kicked. What a waste of time that show is. I can picture the producers looking back 10 years down the line and saying "man.. what a shitty show.. I can't believe I was a part of it."

Ally McBeal: Boring. Nobody cares what Ally McBeal has to say. She's not better than me, that whore. Who does she think she is? Walking around like she owns the world.. what a joke. I hate Ally McBeal.

There's more, but who cares?

191,590 people have gargled diarrhea and realized that it's not as bad as watching some of these shows.

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