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Lately people have been emailing me with some really stupid shit. I'll occasionally hear from someone that likes everything on my page, EXCEPT for when I bash MTV or Friends or Civics. They try to rationalize their differing opinion by saying "...I hate MTV too, now that they rarely play music." No you morons. MTV sucks, period. It always has, it always will. If you like MTV, then don't read my site. Go watch MTV instead and while you're at it, format your computer and go drown yourself. It's almost as if people who like my site find it incomprehensible that I would have an opinion different than their's (which means that their's is wrong).

So just to see how many morons are visiting this page, I've developed a Dipshit Test. This test will help me better understand how to piss off you, my loyal readers. So without further ado:

The Dipshit Test

1. Which of the following groups, artists or genres do you listen to? (check all that apply)

Blink 182 Limp Bizkit Insane Clown Posse Mega Death
Matchbox 20 Green Day Linkin Park Eminem
Radiohead The Offspring Mighty Mighty Bosstones No Doubt
Oasis Smashing Pumpkins Tori Amos Sarah McLachlan
Sheryl Crow Smash Mouth Sugar Ray They Might Be Giants
Wallflowers U2 Red Hot Chili Peppers Ricky Martin
Ace Of Base Aerosmith Alanis Morissette Backstreet Boys
Britney Spears Celine Dion Cat Stevens Cher
Christina Aguilera The Cranberries Creed Elton John
Eagles Guns 'n' Roses Hanson Jewel
Madonna Michael Bolton 'N Sync Santana
Scorpions Smashing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins Smashing Pumpkins
Reggae Ska Country Adult Contemporary

2. I am a:

Hippy Gothic Vegetarian Vegan
Animal Rights Activist Philosophy Major Webmaster Executive
Hopeless Romantic Child at heart Team Player Go-getter
Music Major CEO Visual Basic programmer Liberal Arts Major
Republican Democrat Member of PETA Princess

3. I've done one or more of the following:

Begged someone for money
Jogged in place while waiting for the light to change green
Donnie Osmond
Cried during a movie
Laughed at a "you might be a redneck if" joke
Whistled the theme to Disney's Aladin in a public library
Whistled the theme to Disney's Aladin EVER
Used the phrase "faux pas"
Ordered the wrong item on a menu and complained even though you're the dumbass that ordered it
Jammed popcorn down a food disposal
Used the phrase "Life is like a box of chocolates" after seeing the movie Forrest Gump
Used chopsticks in an effort to look cultured
Gone to a highschool dance
Used the phrase "live life to the fullest"
Cheered on a younger relative during a boring-ass softball game
Dropped out of High School
Dropped out of College
Given someone a compliment that they didn't deserve because you thought they were "hot"
Used the phrase "He/She/It is hot"
Danced the "Macarena"
Tried smoking
Used the phrase "the truth is out there"

4. I own a:

New VW Beetle "No Fear" shirt Extended Warranty Yellow Jacket
Copy of the movie Titanic Football/Baseball/Basketball $100+ pair of shoes Ford anything
Taebo Workout Video Singing Fish "Mean People Suck" sticker Grateful Dead Shirt

5. I voted for:

Not old enough to vote.
Didn't vote.
None of the above.

6. I spend:

7. When I chat, I use one or more of the following words in my nickname:

Cool Hot Princess Funny
Fun Crazy Cute Your real first name
Your real last name Date of birth Zodiac sign Love
Dark Name of a song Name of a band Sexy

8. When I chat, I use one or more of the following acronyms:

HTH FWIW BBIAB I don't know what an acronym is

9. I watch the following shows and/or networks:

Friends Caroline In The City Suddenly Susan Mash
Full House Third Rock From The Sun The Nanny Murphy Brown
Ally McBeal Survivor The Facts of Life Jesse
Jackass MTV M2 VH1
TEN Lifetime Golden Girls Oprah
Jenny Joans Rosie O'Donnell Sally Jesse Raphael Goodmorning America

10. I have the following certifications and/or degrees:

CIW Network+ i-NET+ CCNA
Philosophy degree Accounting degree Communications degree Performing arts/music degree
Parks/Recreation Massage Therapy ITT Tech (Any) Urban Planning

340,534 dipshits took this test.

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