Environmentalist: A new synonym for Dumbass?


Why are they so damn stupid? They're just hippies in disguise. There was an environmentalist gathering at my school a few weeks ago, where all the jerks get together and plan out how they're going to make everyone's lives as close to hell as possible and they sit in a circle and hug each other and play grab-ass while giggling and reading poetry. I found out about the meeting from one of the thousands of flyers they posted around campus. It got windy and the flyers blew all over the place. What better way to spread the message of conservation than to chop down a few acres of trees, make annoying flyers out of the paper, pound them into more trees, and then litter the campus with them?

Idiots. I wouldn't be surprised if they used recycled paper for their flyers to cause even more damage. Recycling is just not economically feasible. It takes more fossil fuels and toxic chemicals to break down plastic than it does to create it! Aluminum is not even used enough to make recycling it worth while (there's plenty of it to go around), while recycling paper also uses up fossil fuels and requires nasty chemicals. But does the eco-idiot care? Hell no, he just wants to bitch about something because he knows he's worthless, and he's just trying to feel important.

They're like mimes. Mimes are worthless. Environmentalists are worthless.. Therefore Mimes are Environmentalists! Furthermore, hippies are worthless, so Mimes must really be both Environmentalists and Hippies!

I've driven 324,472 extra miles for every 1 mile an environmentalist has walked.

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