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I recently posted an article about sexism in gaming to my Facebook page, and was surprised to learn it was censored less than a day later. In fact, even my account was shut down for 12 hours without any explanation, warning or mediation. There was only a vague notice about me violating "community standards."

Anyone who creates or posts anything on Facebook should be concerned. The ability to abuse Facebook's reporting system is rife, which is one of the many reasons Facebook is a dangerous medium to publish on:

I encourage everyone to create your own Facebook propaganda art and send it to me: I'll post the best ones on my page. In the mean time, I'm in the process of creating a mailing list to respond to censorship, as well as other social ills. There will be several requirements to join. This may even be a precursor to my own social network, free of shitty cat memes, whiny bullshit and incessant Buzzfeed links.

I've never had a reason to promote it until now, but in case my account gets censored again, I can be reached through Twitter and Google+.

If you or anyone you know has been censored online, email me. I'll update my main page with developments.


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