Feminism &
Fascism.. not so very different

Put on your bras, shave your armpits and quit your bitching.

Why do so many women insist on carrying out this war against men? Absolute gender equality isn't going to happen; we have gender equality now. Even if in a million years, men and women somehow made this unrealistic ideal happen, there will always be a sexual distinction between men and women causing some sort of inequality (if only on the level of basic physical needs). Or should I say women and men, as not to imply a male superiority? Why the hell should people go out of their way to be politically correct and use this "he/she" nonsense so a few chicks with language complexes won't be offended? Oops, I said "chicks". Damn.

Why the hell do women get offended when they're called chicks? I don't see how that word can be remotely offensive in anyway. But, some women think it's derogatory and belittling. Some women are so petty, that they resent any male implication in the english language. Who cares? What if guys suddenly felt like bitching and wanted to eradicate all the derogatory male phrases from the language? Buster, Pal, Buddy, Stud, Hunk. Oooh, don't call me a buster, I'll be offended.

Who's to say what's offensive anyway? Just because a few feminist extremists think that something's offensive, does the whole society have to change their way of doing things? I don't want mother nature being called mother nature anymore, but rather father nature. I don't want ships to be referred to as female anymore, but rather male. The phrase "she's a good ship" offends me. I don't want liberty to be a lady. Why does it have to be lady liberty? Why do people say "she's beautiful" when referring to cars? Why not he? Who cares? It's just the way things have always been. It's not meant to be offensive, so why doesn't the offended party pull their head out of their ass, and stop bitching about it.

Why there will never be absolute gender equality is because of the inherent contradictions between equality and liberty. For example, if a guy wanted to say a joke about women at work, or hung pornography in the work place, it would make the women work in an environment that may seem hostile to them. If someone at work frequently referred to women as chicks, and a woman was offended by it, the woman would then be working in a hostile environment. If a woman wants to be treated equally in the work place, then she shouldn't be offended at what guys usually talk about. I think it's unreasonable for all women to be content with whatever people do at work, and for guys to go out of their way to change their lifestyles to conform to what's politically correct. It's impossible to live your life without being offended at something. Violence, foul language, pornography, sex, religion, whatever it is, you're bound to be offended by it sooner or later. So rather than bitching about it, just deal with it and move on. Men aren't out to get women; we're not the bad guys.

Why would anyone do anything that's degrading to themselves? Would you strip down in front of a crowd of people? Probably not. But would you do it if they were paying you $250 per hour? Or if they paid you $1000 per hour? Maybe then. It doesn't seem so degrading when there's a huge incentive for you to do it. So why do some feminist extremists think pornography is degrading to women? Obviously the women in pornography don't think it's degrading, otherwise they wouldn't do it. Their dignity has a price, and they were willing to sell it. They don't represent all women in general, but only the few who chose to go into that business, just as women who choose not to go into pornography don't represent the women who do. So the phrase "pornography is degrading to women" doesn't make sense.

What's the point of not shaving your armpits and not wearing your bras? If you like yourself better with hairy armpits, then by all means don't shave. But if you're not shaving to make some stupid point, you'r a fool. Nobody cares. You won't be a social outcast if you don't shave your armpits. Same thing goes for not wearing a bra. If you'd rather not wear a bra, then don't. If you want to walk around in public without your shirt on, then by all means do it. I'm sure most guys wouldn't mind. If you want that kind of attention, then walk around naked. It won't help your image with men that already think of women as little more than sex objects. What straight man wouldn't like to see a nude woman? I think women, nude or not, are attractive, as do most guys. I'd consider someone looking at me in admiration more of a compliment than anything else. Some feminists go ballistic when a guy looks at her breasts. Why? Not wearing a bra just draws more attention to a woman's breasts. While women shouldn't have to worry about some pervert always staring at them, it's bound to happen. Wait.. I've got an idea. If you don't like guys staring at your breasts, WEAR A BRA. It's hard not to notice a girl when she has a pair of daggers poking out of her chest. I referred to nipples as daggers.. Oops. There I go again, offending you crazy feminists. While most guys don't practice self-dicipline and don't respect women enough not to stare at their breasts, a woman shouldn't go ape shit when she catches a guy looking at her. Most women try to accentuate parts of their body that men find attractive anyway. Is this so bad? Who doesn't like to feel attractive? While it can be overdone, it's really been blown out of proportion by feminist extremists.

Feminism is in a lot of ways like fascism. Your average Fascist will disregard any scientific argument unless the conclusion supports his existing belief. The ideology comes first and the Fascist looks for anything to back it up, no matter how trivial, unreliable or discredited. Much like today's feminists and their ideology. Fascists attempt to rationalize their beliefs and portray them as truth by twisting the facts. A fascist might, for example, cast blame for unemployment and work discontent on immigrants "stealing" their jobs. Feminists similarly cast blame for women's lower average pay onto another party (men). Both feminists and fascists are quick to cast blame on someone else for anything that goes wrong in their lives. Most feminists seem to conform to feminist stereotypes. I can usually pick out a feminist in a croud of women. She'll usually have short hair, regular pants, a regular shirt, and an unbathed look; she'll look very much like a stereotypical guy. I think why a feminist might appear like this is to make a statement that "if men can do it and be accepted, then women should be able to". How bold, to go around and look like a stereotypical guy as opposed to a stereotypical girl. Who cares? Either way, you're an ass for thinking anybody cares about the statement you're making. If you're trying to prove a point to the average guy that's only concerned with women as sex objects, you're wasting your time. A guy that's concerned with women as sex objects is going to be concerned with women as sex objects regardless of how you look. Not every woman will share feminist ideals, so a possible argument that "if all women did it, then guys would have to respect us" isn't very realistic. If you really want to make a point, surgically remove your breasts. Or is that going too far? Feminism serves as nothing more than a wedge to further seperate the sexes, segregating men and women into cultures that wouldn't otherwise exist.

I'm pretty damn sick of hearing feminists bitch about men being paid more then women. If 100 male chemical engineers that worked for fortune 500 companies were compared to 100 female chemical engineers that worked for fortune 500 companies, their pay would probably be the same, if not very close. If it were not, then sexual discrimination would probably be a good candidate as to why it's not. The reason why women get paid less than men on average is because women and men simply prefer different occupations, and different lifestyles. If a woman decides to have a child, chances are that she would end up taking more time off from work to take care of her child than would a guy (if only for child labor alone). It's unfair, but usually the case. Women are usually more family oriented, and nurturing, while men are usually less sensitive and work oriented. All this is of course changing, but it's to be expected that women get paid less than men. If for example, pay for men in the armed forces was compared to pay for women in the armed forces, the men would probably swamp the women in pay comparison simply because of the militariy's past male domination & segregation policies. That does not necessarily imply the same segregation today.

I work at a telemarketing company. I'm a network operator. I've been with the company for almost 4 years (3 yrs, 9 months), and I get paid less than almost every woman in my facility, except for two. I get paid less than people with only a fraction of the experience I have. I'm living proof that not all women get paid less than men. Bottom line: feminazis, stop your bitching. It's nobody's fault but yours if you can't do as well as a man. Take responsibility for your own life.

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