I hate people. I went to see a movie the other day (big mistake). The theater was packed with loud, stupid, obnoxious, and smelly people. There were fat people, thin people, short and tall people. There were girls and boys, old people and young people. Some people were wearing baggy pants with bell bottoms and platform shoes, sporting the latest in fashion and trends; while others were wearing in-your-face No Fear, Mossimo, and Stussy T-shirts. And still others were wearing Billabong T-shirts, Doc Martin's footwear, and Banana Republic attire.
    Everyone seemed to have spent so much time on their appearances, making sure their precious brand names were visible. A countless number of dollars must have been spent buying their appearances.

Who are they trying to impress?

Why do they do it?

    I think it's a lack of dicipline. These days, politicians, the media, and even teachers are scared to say anything that might be deemed "politically incorrect". Handicapped people are no longer handicapped, but are physically or mentally impaired. Prisoners are no longer prisoners, but are freedom inclined. Opening a door for a woman or paying for a meal can be offensive because it might imply that the she can't do it herself. Strip clubs and pornography are not acceptable because they're degrading to women. It's not okay to torture convicted rapists, murderers, and child molestors because it would be cruel and unusual punishment (as opposed to what they did to the victims?). Eating meat is wrong because an animal had to die. Physically diciplining children when they start threatening lives is not okay because it's child abuse.

    Kids these days get away with too much. They dye their hair, pierce their bodies, dress up like freaks, experiment with sexuality and drugs, they disregard tradition and rules, and disrespect anyone that might "cramp" their style. Sure, they'll sit around and smoke, do drugs, and have sex while complaining about the environment, but when it comes to doing anything about it, they're too infatuated with their image and what's politically correct to actually change anything.

    I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to dress up in their trendy rubbish. If you want to be a clone, fine. If you want to dress up in black and paint your face white and pretend to be a rebel, fine. But do it if you want to. Not to make some stupid point. Nobody cares. I tell you, people are becoming WIMPS. Dress in clothes that you like to wear. If you do, you should never have to look through your closet and say "I can't believe I wore this..". If you liked certain clothing at one point in your life, and you are an individual, you should always like that clothing. I don't think that all these people wearing the same clothes all dress that way because they like it. I think it's because they have very little or no individuality.

    "Get with the 90's" - I hate that phrase. I hate this generation x label, I hate pepsi's generation next campaign, I hate it how people think life is happiness. Life is not happiness. I hate it how some people go through life with little or no regard for the things that make their life worth living, and instead focus on bi-products of them.

    I hate it how companies like Disney produce a stream of non-stop garbage that gives children unrealistic ideals from a very young age, so that when those ideals aren't met, they grow up to be resentfull and bitter. I hate things that are soft. Everything should be sharp and painful. I think that Disney movies should all end with everyone dying in them for a change. If stupid little kids cry about it, TOUGH. The world doesn't need another tree hugging sissy-marie. I think Disney should make a movie where the group of kids from "The Sound of Music" go on a field trip and get in a car wreck in which everyone dies. The End. That's how life is sometimes. Everyone dies. That's what kids should learn. Not that they can be a stereotypical little arab peasent boy that can acquire all gold in the world, a kingdom and a princess (aladdin).

    You know what else I hate? Mimes.. they just piss me off. It's a sad state of affairs when someone can make a living as a mime, while even one person with a college degree remains jobless.

I hate people.

278,738 people hate people.

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