Make Halloween worth celebrating:

John, Las Vegas

A few of you have been sending some really badass pictures like the one above. So I've decided to post them here.

I'll post some of the better pictures here from now until Halloween. Send your pictures to Do not send them to any other email address, or I will delete the attachment, print your email and take a shit on it. Do not send bitmap files (*.bmp), they will be deleted. Keep your images smaller than 500x500, with a file size no greater than 60k. Include only your first name or a nick if you want credit. Or don't.


Shaun, California

Eric, Alhambra Canada

Tony, Florida

Holy shit, a pumpkin made out of beef jerky:

Greg, Agoura California


Combat Cold Cuts

Kilik_Tag, Paris

Sean, Virginia

Xiaxue, Singapore

Steve, New York

Joe, Sacramento



Kyle, VT


Sean, Massachusetts

Not Halloween related, but what the hell, I like the idea:


Sal, Orlando

Wow, great job Mike. Did you use Photoshop? Very subtle:


Jason, Ottawa Ontario Canada

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