Okay, seriously.. I didn't modify this pic. Look at them. Look at the guy on the right. When I saw this picture, I just sat silently for a few minutes to soak it all in. Aren't people self-conscious any more? What kind of message are they sending people? "Hey, we need our asses kicked."

Okay.. so they're a bunch of guys with no balls.. (and I use the word "guys" loosely here). No big deal, right? WRONG. It's people like these that are making a once prevalent breed of man extinct: Lumber Jacks. Now lumber jacks, like pirates, are real men. They cut down trees, eat beef jerky and kick ass. It's these pussies that keep flooding the media with shitty music and politically correct bullshit that ruin everything. I know I've been sleeping at the wheel on this one.. other people beat me to it, but when I saw this pic the other day, I couldn't resist. I can't believe what suck-ass-sissies they are. Seriously.

What's wrong with people? Hanson sucks. I'd rather have my ears sawed off than listen to this shit. Mmmmm-bop eh? *CRUNCH* Try singing with my foot up your ass!

212,327 Hanson fans hate me.

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