If you have to fake it, what's the point?

You know those people you always see around the office, or at school or at the theater that always seem happy? They usually laugh too much, up-end their sentences and make it a point to end words in 'y' that don't end in 'y'. They're not happy. Why should they be? They got a big raise at work? More money? Money to buy more things. Things nobody needs. Or perhaps they're in love. In love with themselves--in love with their image. New clothes, dyed hair, expensive shoes. They want to look their best.

For who?

Who cares? Why can't people just be real? Don't put on a show. Don't smile just to smile. It's creepy, cut it out. Another thing that's related to these overly enthusiastic jerks: the use of the word "buddy." I'm not your "buddy." Why do people insist on calling people "buddy?" Hey asshole, I have news for you: I'm not your friend. Hell, I don't even know you.

The other day at school, some guy came up to me and said "Hey, what's up?" I kicked him in the chops. He didn't say much the next time I saw him because of the surgery.

182,424 sleep.

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