Happiness? Bah!

I can't wait until I become a hermit. Why? Because I hate people. Everywhere I go, people are there. Loud, filthy, obnoxious people dancing and singing. I wanted to rent a movie this weekend, but I couldn't find any without people in them... and so, once again I'm forced to watch people walk around in circles pretending to know what the hell's going on. Nobody knows. We're all stuck on this miserable little rock, forced to drink Pepsi and buy Old Navy Fleace. Old Navy Fleace.. man, I hate Old Navy. What the hell were they thinking when they made those commercials?

That bitch with the thick glasses.. who does she think she is? Worthless old snob.. contributes nothing to anything.. miserable.

Why are people so happy? There's nothing to be happy about. Don't believe me? When's the last time you were happy, and why? Maybe it was when you got something.. a raise at work, a new job. Then what? What's going to make you happy next? More money? More things? What good are they when you're stuck on this shitty planet with assholes everywhere? Everywhere I look, assholes.. I can't concentrate anymore..

What do you think? What the hell is going on? Mail me.

196,817 people think I'm not bitter enough.

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