The 80's: The biggest mistake since the 70's.

Tony Danza from
'Whos the Boss'

Nothing of any significance happened during the 80's. Everyone had thick, shitty hair, and all the music from the 80's blew ass. I dreaded the day I'd see "Hits from the 80's" being sold on TV. What hits? From who? Vanilla Ice? Milli Vanilli? Cindy Lopper? Sounds like a list of shit-eaters if you ask me. And who could forget that fat bastard, Meatloaf, possibly the worst creation of the 80's. Him and the ever slutty punky brewster. I hated her; but mostly her ugly dog Brandon. All the mut ever did was show off that it could jump through a hoop and stand on its hind legs. What a shitty trick. Anything can go through a hoop if you throw it hard enough.

Here is a list of the worst sitcoms from the 80's (This list can also be used on a suicide note, under "reasons I'm killing myself"):

  • Punky Brewster

  • Who's the Boss

  • Growing Pains

  • Facts Of Life

  • Silver Spoons

  • Family Ties

  • The Cosby Show

  • Moonlighting

  • Charles In Charge

  • My Two Dad's

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about how much I hate Tony Danza. He's the shit-head at the top of this page that starred in the 80's sitcom: "Who's the Boss." I didn't have any friends when I was a kid (and I still don't), so I would spend all my time hating Tony Danza. Every day after school, I'd run home and watch "Who's the Boss" and hope that Tony Danza would fall into a pit and die. Then I'd laugh and laugh. "Who's the boss now, bitch?" I'd say. But it didn't happen very often. No wait, it never happened. That bastard gave me false hopes, and that's why I hate him.

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