Titanic: Who Cares?

Today I caught my brother watching some super hyped show about the Titanic on the Discovery Channel. It was about some diving team that blew all sorts of time and effort into making a deep sea diving robot that could take high-resolution pictures of the Titanic. Booooring... Who cares? This one scored a 10 on my I-don't-give-a-shit list.

The show had really bad narration, with some guy spewing bullshit like "For the first time in 86 years, we'll actually be able to see inside the Titanic and perhaps understand more about this epic mystery..." What mystery?!? The ship hit an ice burg. How much more transparent can it get?

This show was obviously an attempt to jump onto the Titanic bandwagon and cash in on the suckers that went and saw the movie. The way the Titanic was hyped could make someone believe that it was the only ship in history that ever sunk. Ask the average jackass that saw the movie if they could list 3 other ship wrecks, and they'd probably give you a blank look or mumble something about the Hindenburg (close, except for it was a blimp and it had nothing to do with the sea).

Do any research on shipwrecks, and you'll find literally thousands of entries. SS Truscania, TEV Wahine, Hispania, Andrea Doria etc. But does anyone give a shit about the people who died on these ship wrecks? Hardly. Not in comparison to the Titanic hype.

The amount of money wasted on movies and books about the Titanic could have probably raised the rust heap out of the ocean by now. Who cares about the people who died on the RMS Titanic? Seriously? I bet that 99% of the people who watched the movie and bought the books and the horrible sound track (with the evil bitch Celine Dion on it) and watched all the documentaries, aren't even remotely related to anyone that died on the ship. Why should they care? It happened almost 100 years ago. People get killed every day around the world for the rights people in America take for granted, yet nobody makes a billion dollar movie about them, let alone with a record selling soundtrack. People shouldn't buy into the hype, and they shouldn't care so much about something so trivial, but no; millions stand in line, eager to be jabbed with a $7.00 fee to piss away three hours of their lives to watch some adulterous whore flirt with a loser. Oh, and on a side note, if I ever hear anyone utter the phrase "I'm the king of the world!" in public again, I'm going to lose all self control and bludgeon them into a puddle. You're not the king of the world, you're nothing.

If I died tomorrow, there won't be a movie made about me 70 years later. There won't be a song made about me by some evil bitch trying to be emotional. Am I less important than the people who died on the Titanic? Hell no. I'm much more important, to hell with them. Do you also think you're more important than the people who died on the Titanic? Send me mail with your thoughts.

250,357 people got suckered into seeing Titanic.

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