How to ruin someone's day:

How to ruin someone's day...

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The movie file in the link above features two guys arguing at a soccer game. The guy on top gets pissed off and kicks some ass. The lower guy's day is pretty much ruined. Speaking of ruined days, here are some things that can ruin mine:

  • Daylight savings time.
  • Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Waking up to Sarah McLachlan on the radio.
  • Going into work early.
  • Going into work late.
  • Going into work period.
  • Slow-ass old people on the freeway.
  • Old people in general.
  • Children.
  • Stop signs.
  • Hippies.
  • People that are in a good mood all the time.
  • The phrase "you're never fully dressed without a smile."
  • Canned peaches.
  • Donnie Osmond.
  • The lady holding a "SLOW" sign near the construction site I drive by every day.
  • Joggers that jog in place while they're waiting for the light to change colors.
  • Tae Bo.
  • Diesel trucks that scatter dirt and rocks all over everything.
  • Breakfast from Arby's.
  • Dr. Laura
  • Good Morning America

    Now here are some things that can make my day better:

  • Not going into work.
  • Seeing someone run towards me in the elevator while I press the "CLOSE DOOR" button.
  • People's Court.
  • Not letting people merge into traffic.
  • Rolling my eyes when someone asks me a question.
  • Arguing with someone when I'm obviously wrong to see how long it takes for them to catch on.
  • Not waking up.
  • Making someone's day worse.
  • Patronizing people.
  • Answering open-ended questions with open-ended questions.
  • Honking my horn at an intersection, then pretending like I don't know who honked just to confuse people.
  • Scaring children.
  • Kicking my neighbor's ugly-ass sun flowers.
  • Littering.
  • Finding a good parking spot (mocking people that don't have one).
  • Forcing people to take the wrong exit because I wouldn't let them change lanes.
  • Saying something that pisses someone off even more than they're already pissed off.
  • Seeing someone trip and fall.
  • Pulling the door shut behind me when I see someone coming towards me with their hands full.
  • Making someone feel bad about doing something I do all the time.

    That pretty much covers it. Actually, there's a lot more... but I've lost interest in writing about this. Like anyone cares.

    315,240 people have contributed to me having a bad day.

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