Faded jeans
are for assholes.

Want all the charm and personality that comes with old faded clothing, but don't want to wait years for your clothes to become worn out? Don't worry because now you can buy all the personality and attitude you want by owning your own pair of poorly made pre-packaged faded jeans. Now all your friends will think you're cool and original because wearing faded jeans is the hip thing to do. Nevermind the piles and piles of used faded clothing you can buy at thrift stores for 1/50'th of the cost of new faded jeans. Your objective is to look cool and there's no better way than to buy new clothes that come worn out because it means that you can afford to piss away your money on stupid bullshit while people who wear naturally faded clothing usually do so because they can't afford new clothes.

Here's an idea: if you want to wear faded clothes so that you look like you can't afford new clothes, then why don't you buy real faded clothes from a thrift shop and give away the rest of your money to someone who will spend it on buying NEW clothes that they need instead, asshole?

I wouldn't even bitch so much if these new faded jeans didn't look like shit. Seriously, you can't wear stupid shit like this and not know that you're an idiot:

Wow. How cool, a strip of white going down your pant legs. Too bad it looks like a phony piece of shit, much like the personalities of the people who wear faded jeans: fake. Quit buying this stupid bullshit. If you want faded clothes, search through your closet or at least buy the cheap stuff from thrift stores so you don't seem like as big of an asshole in front of someone who can't afford the luxury of blowing their money on worn out clothing.

569,045 morons bought faded jeans after reading this article out of spite.

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