Joan Rivers:

Shut up!!!

Holy shit. I hate Joan Rivers. Somebody shut her up. She's a stupid pretentious bitch with a washed up career ("The Muppets Take Manhattan"? One of the worst movies I've never seen. If Joan Rivers was smart, she'd pull her head out of her ass and realize that Muppets are lame. Nobody wants to see Muppets. What people really want to see are lesbians, robots and lesbian robots). Her, and her daughter need to shut the hell up. She's a bitter old bitch that can't get laid (I'm sure her unfortunate husband has erectile dysfunction after getting an eye-full of Joans' bony ass), so she takes it out on the world by spewing bullshit on her TV show day after day. I don't care about her talk show, I don't care about her shitty advice on fashion and I don't care about her dipshit daughter Melissa. I just don't care.

Holy shit. Who the hell watches her show, anyway? Does anyone give a shit about who wears what to some hyped up Hollywood award show for actors making eight to ten times the amount per movie that you make in an entire year? Can anyone relate to these stuck-up dipshits wearing $5000 suits? Worse yet, does anyone give a shit about what some washed up, bitter old crone has to say about ANYONE? Maybe it's just me, but if I were a fashion critic, I'd try not to look like a dumbass 100% of the time. When Joan Rivers isn't busy being the blood-sucking bitch that she is, she's molding her horse-faced daughter into her image so that when her bitter ass finally crokes, her daughter will carry on her legacy and piss me off for the rest of my life. I HATE JOAN RIVERS.

167,587 people think Joan Rivers should go to hell.

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