The real reason Metallica has a beef
with Napster

Everyone agrees that Metallica's last two albums were dog shit. Even Metallica indirectly admit to it during an interview when they said something to the effect of "our last two albums were shit straight from a dog's ass." In fact, everything the music industry has barfed up lately has been hokey, cookie-cutter, tired, disingenuous garbage. Music on the radio these days can best be summed up as aural pollution.

So while I was watching a movie preview that was saturated with music propaganda the other day, I wondered why Metallica's slide in record sales and popularity coincided with their much publicized attack on Napster. Does it have anything to do with the fact that their albums just plain suck and it's a convenient excuse for them to blame this slump on internet file sharing? Is it a coincidence that the music industry's unrelenting streak of crappy music comes at a time of extremely poor record sales?

Is internet radio to blame, or dumbass executives at Virgin Records signing Mariah Carey for $80 million in 2001, only to give her an extra $28 million to leave just a year later? Why don't they spend that money on innovating rather than trying to sell the crap that's already out there? I'll tell you why. Because they have their heads so far up their asses that they need to have it pried free with a jack hammer.

235,021 morons listen to "me-too" bands on the radio. to.

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