Let's Blow Up The Moon!

It's something I've always wanted to do. I think it's a great idea, and congress would support me because it would be fun. No more Mr. Bigshot man-in-the-moon. Always pushing us around with tides and turning people into werewolfs.

On the negative side, the sky would be kind of boring to look at if we blew up the moon. That's why we should build a giant robot monkey head in the sky that has shining eyes that always stare at you (like the man in the moon does when you're driving home alone at night).

The only problem with this idea is that people would probably fight over what the robot monkey should be called. I say Fojar would be a cool name, but most people prefer Monkor. I don't think those people know what they're talking about.

285,622 people think blowing up the moon would be a good idea.

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