I paid $7.00 for a movie, not for
Coca Cola's bullshit marketing propaganda.


I was at the theater the other day.. it was one of those 4000 seat capacity theaters with 50 parking spots. I went to see the movie at midnight and even then, the theater was packed full of old people giving me crusty looks and attitude. This one old lady came up to me and asked me what I was waiting in line for.. when I told her, she rolled her eyes and walked off. Stupid old hag. Roll your eyes at me will you? CLOTHES LINE BITCH *POW*. Knock her ass to the floor. She had nothing on me. Grandma has NO GAME.

So anyway, after standing around for 20 minutes, listening to the dipshits behind me flirt with every girl in the line (they'd say things like "So, where you from?" Like they give two shits where the girl's from... It's obvious you don't care dumbass, spare us your weak-sauce come-on lines), I finally got into the theater, only to sit down in front of an advertisement slide show for another 20 minutes!!!

The main ads on display were for coke.. the ads were peppered throughout the slide show, hidden in "Fun Facts" and trivia questions about movies. A typical trivia question was "Which movie starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents to keep earth safe from aliens? Here's a hint: the title has three words in it, the first word is 'Men'." Testimony to the fact that people are just too damn stupid these days is that we're spoon-fed trivia about movies that came out 4 years ago.. then there's always some dumbass in the audience that shouts out the answer like a champion. Way to go dipshit, you can read.

Finally when the movie started, I thought the bullshit ads were over, but no. First thing they showed was a "coke break" sponsored and produced by coke. Like the 20 minute barrage of non-stop ads weren't enough, they force feed us another 10 minute brainwashing session. Then, I saw a first.. a commercial for Denny's restuarant! What the hell? I paid $7 for a movie, NOT FOR BULLSHIT ADVERTISEMENTS. It used to be that one of the few places you could go to without being subjected to a bunch of TV ads was a theater and now even theaters have sold out. If they're going to sell ads at a theater, then we shouldn't have to pay full price. I'm sick of being marketed to. I don't want to buy any more shit. Why isn't there an outroar from people? Doesn't anyone care?? These companies are making literally billions off of us for FREE. Why put money in their pockets? Contact your local theater and give them an ear full. Agghh.. like it'll make a damn difference anyway.

215,867 dipshits don't mind being brainwashed.

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