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Does turning a radio on in public mean everyone should gather their dumbasses around and start throwing frisbies? Apparently so. I was at school the other day, minding my own damn business when some dipshit running for student body president drove his jeep onto campus and started playing music really loud, passing out flyers. An hour later, they were still at it, except now they had a basketball standard setup and a posse of morons standing around. Why the hell was the music turned on? What's the point? People weren't dancing. They weren't singing along. They were just standing around with their thumbs up their asses.

Why play music in public? Do people think that by listening to cool music, they become cool? Do they think that the music is an extension of themselves? Do they think that everyone in the universe likes that shitty two-note one-man R&B bullshit? Please. Turn that shit off and go to class. Nobody cares about you or your dumbass student elections that won't be worth wiping your ass with 3 years from now.

I just don't get the whole basketball thing. If you're going to play the game, then play.. but what's the point of making baskets over and over with loud music playing in the background? Nobody's keeping score, the outcome of the shot couldn't possibly matter to anyone or anything in the universe; what's the point? It's not fun. Period.

What's the mentality of these people??? "Okay, here I go.. I'm going to shoot for the basket... there are two possible outcomes. The first is that I make it, the second is that I miss. I'm really intrigued by the potential here, so I think I'll do it for the next 3 hours and see if anything unexpected happens." Please. Cut it out asshole, put your shirt back on and go play in traffic. People are the worst.

581,951 people think listening to cool music makes them cooler.

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