Grow a Pair, Boycott the Radio!

Have you ever heard a horrible song on the radio and said to yourself "man.. this song blows ass, who the hell would listen to this?" I know I have, and I'm sure I'm not alone (although the common sense of people my age has been much in evidence these last few years).

I've boycotted almost every major radio station in Utah because I'm tired of the same old bullshit they play. These radio stations are brainwashing people into becoming idiots by conditioning us with as much shit music as we can possibly tolerate without turning the radio off. Don't believe me? Try this experiment to see for yourself: The next time you're listening to that cool rebel radio station that plays Green Day and Offspring "uncut," take careful note of what time the song was played. Then, listen to that radio station again the next day for approximately 20 minutes within the time you heard the song the previous day. I guarantee that you'll hear the same song at almost the exact same time. Why? Because radio station managers have a bug up their ass about playing different music at different times on the radio, and letting the listener decide what they like.

If they get high ratings one day by playing X songs in Y order, then they'll do it again the next day to appeal to advertisers, giving no credit to the listeners for making their station a success.

The advertisers in turn try to appeal to the radio station's listeners by hiring lazy, idle, loafers to perform in their commercials because they think the listeners must be dumbasses for listening to the shit they listen to; thus they assume that everyone out there is a moron and advertise accordingly. That's why we get commercials with that shit-eating jackass on the AT&T commercial with the phone pad on his chest. That guy.... really pisses me off. What the hell is his problem? Someone should cane that asshole a few times to give him a reason to look like the quivering jackass that he is.

It's not just the radio that should be boycotted, but the entire music industry as well. Less than 8 years ago, cassette tapes were considered by most to be the best medium for music (until CD players were more affordable). How much did the average cassette tape cost? I figure approximately $8. For $8, you got the reel of tape, the molded plastic around the reel of tape, tape gears, screws to hold the tape together, the case, and all sorts of neat looking labels on the outside of the tape. All for $8.

Now look at CDs. How much does the average CD cost? I figure $14. For $14, you get a case, a paper jacket depicting the artist, and a CD. Which of these two mediums are most likely to be more difficult to manufacture? How much does it cost for the plastic and coating of a CD? I've found that the plastic in a CD costs less than 3 cents to press. So how the hell is the extra $6 justified??? The CD jacket? Couldn't be, most CDs I have only have a single piece of paper on the inside and the back. The case couldn't be what's costing us all the money, since the plastic in a CD case costs little more than the plastic in a CD. Take a look at these figures:

For 500 C40-49:59 "Ready for Retail" Cassette Tapes with J-card + 4 panels costs: $983.00

For 500 "Ready for Retail" Compact Discs with 4 panels and tray card costs: $1725.00

What justifies the difference in almost $800 in price? The truth is that the music industry is greedy. They can charge us anything they want for music because they have enough money to buy the rights to an artist. The price of CDs should have been drastically reduced by now, to at least the cost of a tape if not less, but it hasn't. That's why all the big shot executives shit a brick when people started distributing music in MP3 format over the internet. Finally, people could get out of their web of bullshit and only listen to music they wanted to listen to, at a user-established cost. Good I say, let them suffer. It's about time they got screwed like they've been screwing us for all these years.

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