I'm right, go to hell.

You've Got Mail - No. I will never see this movie, ever. That guy.. I forgot his name.. the shit-head. And her.. I hate her. Stupid. I'm sick of all these "feel good" movies these days. I wonder if anybody actually feels better after seeing one of these movies, or if they try to convince themselves that they do, just so they can cope with the fact that they've wasted their time.

Step Mom - You know.. every once in a while, there comes a movie that's so shitty, you have to wonder how anyone can capture the essence of shit so well. This is one of those movies where you just say "Oh damn.. not another movie by that hag Julia Roberts.." when you see the commercials. What the hell were they thinking? Kids? Moms? Nobody wants to see kids and moms. I go to a movie to see one thing: ass kicking. What ever happened to good movies like Army of Darkness and Rambo? This new generation of movies is creating a nation of nancy boys and people who are afraid to be a little politically incorrect. Oh, and the music they play on the commercial is the worst.

Ever After - I don't have any friends that have seen this movie. I will never have any friends that have seen this movie. I hate this movie. That evil cinderella bitch. What kind of jackass makes a movie about "the will of a woman"? The will of a woman? What the hell is the will of a woman? Actually, I'm not sure if they said that during the promotions. But they said something like that, I think. Okay, even if they didn't, they probably would have. Those jerks. The advertisements for the movie shows Drew Barrymore (sp) jumping into a river or some other such bullshit, while they play some ass ambient nature-techno in the background (I think it's Enya or Enigma), the kind of shitty music that hippies and feminists listen to while they burn incense and read poetry about trees and earth spirits. Who the hell do they think they are?

Titanic - I hate it plenty, Click here.

That Thing You Do - I almost forgot about this shit factory. It's one of the worst movies I've never seen. What a shitty concept for a movie.. whatever it's about. It's probably stupid. It has music in it, so it can't be good. When will people learn? Nobody wants to see a bunch of losers dancing and singing. We want to see death. Violence. Murder. The decay of western society. We want to see it all, and we want it to be gross. If it's not offensive, it's just not. Not fun. Boo.

Dark City - This one looked like one of those movies with lots of hype, but nothing happens in the movie. Literally nothing. My friends are suckers for these types of movies. I heard it sucked, and I'm glad I didn't see it.

More to come..

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