Do you rule enough?

Are you an ass-kicking, head stomping, Disney hating, animal-eater? Do you cringe at the site of Ellen Degeneris? Would you rather shove a fork in your eye than listen to another second of that pungent tripe called "music" they play on the radio?

Would you rather eat a vegetable, or a vegetarian? Are you bitter all the time? Do you hate Celine Dione? Do you hate mimes?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, and you'd rather eat a vegetarian than a vegetable, then you might have what it takes to go on my list of "Best Damn Web Pages In the Universe". Here are some pages that have been issued the award:

Girls? Ugh!A page about not having a girlfriend.

http://www.zebra.net/~kunta_sensei/nmr.htmlThe Kunta Sensei's National Midget Resistance page.

http://www.xmission.com/~tbaker Coworker. Great links. Likes Weird Al. Weird Al Rules.

Are you jealous? I know I would be if I didn't have the best page in the universe. Mail me and ask about how you too can be on my list of pages that don't suck. Of course, you can just steal the logo and display it anyway, but you won't have my official endorsement. You can reach me at: maddox@xmission.com. Just let me know that you'd like to be on the page, and I'll send you the logo (if you don't already have it).

44,518 people wish they ruled as much as me.

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