Not sure what kind of personality you have?
Take this quick test to find out.

Here's a fun little quiz you can take to find out what kind of personality you have. Answer each question as honestly as you can, because it really matters.

5 Question Personality Test:

1. I've cheated in a relationship:

2 times
More than 3 times
Never been in a relationship.

2. In bed I'm like a:

Cadaver - cold, stiff and lifeless
Plumber - good with the piping
Sloppy Joe - messy, spilling meat everywhere
Missile - quick burst with an explosive tip
Politician - fat, bald, and impotent

3. My favorite type of movie is:

Violent and offensive
Suspense thriller
Stupid romantic comedies
Tom Clancy bore-a-thons

4. My ideal date would be:

Legalized prostitution, aka, dinner and a movie followed by sex
Renting videos and pretending to be interested in anything other than making out
Sitting home alone and staring at the wall
Dressing up and going to a club to hang out with phony people
Pretending to be interested in a conversation on a romantic walk

5. My goal in life is:

To get as much money as I can, because buying things gives meaning to my life
Irrelevant because I'm bald
To fake my way through college
To get a job for a corporation so I can spend 8 hours per day in a cubicle writing reports that nobody will use, appreciate or comprehend
To get laid as much as possible because I'm one dimensional

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