Michael Newdow: feel free to exercise
your right to blow me.

I've heard arguments from both sides of the Pledge of Allegiance issue, and I have to say that both sides are full of shit. The only person's opinion I agree with 100% on this is mine. That is, I think Michael Newdow is a dumb son-of-a-bitch, and that he should be punched in the face. You'd think that someone as enlightened, rational and "free-thinking" as Newdow would expect an ass kicking or two upon a successful ruling. If his self-righteous agenda was really about his daughter, and he cares so much about her, then why is he willing to rot in a grave for the rest of her life by provoking an assassination by religious zealots? Could it be because Newdow is the kind of guy who finds errors in phone books, masturbates to foot cream commercials, and smells his socks after he takes them off? That may be one of the best arguments I've ever made.

What pisses me off about hippies like Newdow, is that they'll bitch and moan about semantics on currency and government documents, but you never hear them complain that they don't get to work on Christmas. Why? If his whole beef with the Pledge of Allegiance is that the phrase "under God" violates separation of church and state, then why isn't he making a fuss about our government observing Christmas? Christmas is a religious holiday, and since our government observes it, how is that separation of church and state? Why isn't he bitching about that? I'll tell you why. Because Christmas gives him paid vacation, and hippies like Newdow only bitch about "grand sweeping problems with society" as long as it doesn't inconvenience them. Biased hippy assholes should be shot. If he's so eager to save the nation with his stupid bullshit, then why doesn't he go all the way and boycott money while he's at it? This is just a hunch, but I'm guessing because he's a douche bag, a lousy father and a fraud. A stupid beardless black-foot, new-age hippy. I'm so mad, I'm going to toss my neighbor's cat through the window.

231,486 jerks agree with that hippy Newdow.

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