Pseudo intellectuals can kiss my ass.

Pseudo intellectuals. People that try to sound smart by forcing words and concepts into their vocabulary that wouldn't otherwise be there. Everyone will come across someone like this at some point in their lives. A lot of women are guilty of this, and don't even get me started about the gothics. Women do it because they think men will stereotype them as stupid if they don't talk about politics or some other such boring topic that nobody really gives a damn about (and let's face it, most women are stupid; boo! hiss! Yeah, yeah, I can hear the hate mail coming, but if so many of them weren't brought up with this super-model mentality, then maybe they'd give a rats ass about something outside of their microcosmic universe and stop buying into all the latest clothing trends).

Then there are the bullshitters. Guys that read boring, pointless bullshit about existentialism, free will/determinism etc etc etc. Really, who cares? I swear, they do it just to add another word to their vocabulary that ends in "ism." The good thing about these jackasses is that you can pick them out easily because they'll always be too busy trying to remember all their stupid definitions to make any sense when they're talking, which is usually the problem (that they're talking).

How to remedy the problem? Easy! Just plug your ears and hum "la la la la" to yourself until they go away. If that doesn't work, do it louder. Scream if you have to. Or just hit them. They'll get the hint if you slug them hard enough.

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