Quotes That Are Ruining The World

I hate quotes. People these days seem to take quotes by famous people, and make them their life mottos. That's bullshit. I'm talking about the following quotes in particular:

Live life to the fullest: What a crock. I hear this one time and time again, usually from some jackass that's not willing to take responsibility for his actions. I'm sure whoever said it didn't intend for people to take it literally. By the "live life to the fullest" doctrine, people have done all sorts of stupid things. Things like experimentation with drugs, animals, and sex with furniture. Sick bastards. The bottom line is that if you try to live life to the fullest, you will die. Instantly. Stop screwing around or you will get killed.

Cheaters never prosper: BULLSHIT. At least 90% of cheaters prosper. Those cheating bastards get by the system every time. There was a whore in one of my computer science classes that didn't do any assignments, failed all the exams, but still passed the class because she was sleeping around with all the TA's. It's a repeating cycle perpetuated by corrupt administration and slacker kids that aren't willing to put forth the effort it takes to pass. They should all be shot.

Be happy with what you have: Basically this is saying that people shouldn't have goals. Not that they should, but c'mon. You and I know it's bullshit. If you have nothing, or nothing that makes you happy, then what? You're supposed to be happy with nothing? Bah.. sounds like shit to me.

Hard work brings success: WRONG. Kissing ass and sleeping around brings success. Nobody cares how hard you work as long as you stimulate their ego. Hard work usually gets forgotten and goes unnoticed. There's always some sucker out there that's getting the raw deal in hopes of moving up. It's not going to happen, you might as well quit. Stop trying.

I'm not afraid of anything: Yeah, whatever. This is usually muttered by a short dipshit with a Napoleon complex. Listen you little bitch, you're a frail little coward afraid of everything. End your campaign of arrogance and admit that you're a wuss. I'm sick of people who say they're not afraid of anything. If they truly weren't, then they'd be dead. There's nothing to fear, remember? So why don't they kill themselves and confirm their theory. Worthless.

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