The next person who tells me
"You're never fully dressed without a smile"
gets my foot up their ass..

I don't smile anymore.. I'm through smiling. I AM NEVER GOING TO SMILE EVER AGAIN. People who tell me to smile are put on my shit-list permanently. I read the phrase "smile, it'll make someone's day brighter" the other day. Why the hell would I want to make someone's day brighter? Why should I waste any of my valuable time being an asshole when I can flip someone off, kick a dog or litter instead?

The only reason to ever smile is to mock someone. For example, when someone trips and falls; I laugh my ass off because that's some good shit. There's nothing more satisfying than making someone feel bad about themselves. Of course, there's always a group of pussies that run up and say "are you okay? Are you hurt?" Go to hell you insincere pieces of shit.

I've never tripped in my life, ever, but if I did I'd expect people to laugh at me for being a dumbass. Of course, I'd go around and gouge everyone's eyes out with my thumb after I got back up, but that's besides the point. The important thing to remember is that there is no reason to smile.

Some asshole at work the other day told me "you're never fully dressed without a smile." This set off my bullshit alarm. It's like that stupid phrase "everything I need to know I learned in kindergarden." Oh really? Apparently you didn't learn that everything written on inspirational posters is horse shit for mindless corporate ass kissing morons who wear suits and ties to work for the next 30 years so they can retire off of their shitty 401K plan and pay for some spoiled ungrateful bratt to go through school while they sit back and rott in front of countless Suddenly Susans until they finally become another unmemorable, faceless nobody in an obituary after their 70 year existence, while their dipshit kids having gone through college with their heads up their asses for 3 years, still not knowing what the hell their major is, sign up for some class that someone who knows what they're doing needs but can't take because there aren't any more seats so they get tired of being dicked around and drop out of college only to work for another shitty telecommunications company with MORE BULLSHIT INSPIRATIONAL POSTERS HANGING ON THE WALLS EVERWHERE WE LOOK, BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE.

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