Solitaire Sucks.

I hate Solitaire. Give me a DOS prompt, paper clip, rusty thumb tack, anything; hell, I'd even rather do WORK than play Solitaire. Why do people continue to play this game??? Seriously, it's just not fun. What's the point? Who cares how many cards you can make disappear? You have to drag and drop these dainty cards on top of each other.. who's the dipshit that thought up of this game? The next person that says they like Solitaire when I ask them what video games they like, is the person whose asshole I'm going to wear around my ankle after I put my foot up their ass. Solitaire is NOT a video game. It's shit.

At any given time, I can walk through my work place and catch at least one work-deprived idiot playing Solitaire. What is everyone's fascination with this game? Throw it away. It's bullshit. Want to make the cards disappear faster? Here's a hint: click on the 'x' in the corner, then format your hard drive. Asshole.

The only good thing about Solitaire is being able to ruin it with a hex editor so nobody else can play it. I usually go out of my way to get rid of Solitaire from computers I work on. The last office I worked in, I replaced the Solitaire executable with a program that generated a run-time error if anyone tried to run it. So any dipshits that wanted to play Solitaire were slammed with gibberish and error codes (so basically I made it like every other shitty unstable Windows application).

I can even remember the first day I ever saw Solitaire. It was in 8'th grade and my art teacher had just received her new grading computer. The TA in the class would always sit there with a smug grin on his face as he played Solitaire all day. Why don't you do some work asshole? Even then I hated the game. I hate the help screen, I hate the options, I hate the card graphics, I hate the default window size, everything. I HATE SOLITAIRE.

648,983 morons don't have anything better to do than to play Solitaire--or even worse, read my web site.

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