Star Trek is Ass.

I wasn't going to put up an anti-star trek page, but I did a search for Star Trek on, and I found thousands of fan pages. There were pages devoted to Star Trek art, humor, languages, races, technology, quotations, reviews, scripts, etc.

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Am I the only person left that doesn't care who would win in a fight between Warf and Data? Star Trek sucks. I hate it. I hate the Federation, and I hate Gene Roddenberry. I especially hate all the Star Trek geeks that manifest those damn geek conventions. They make weird noises when they laugh, and they have discussions about Star Trek using words like "anomoly" and "phenomenon" and "ideology." What kind of asshole uses the word anomoly during a Star Trek discussion?

I think Star Trek geeks should be shot. Good riddence.

I've punched 262,565 Star Trek geeks that could speak Klingon fluently.

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