Everyone is stupid except for me.

I was taking a test in my math class the other day when this dumb bitch in front of me got up and asked the professor how to do a problem on the test. She has a pretty nasty smile, which has nothing to do with what I'm talking about, but it was pissing me off so I thought I'd mention it. Anyway, back to how stupid she is. During the test, she got up at least 8 times to ask the professor for help with her test; she even asked how to do the same problem twice.

I could have sworn I heard the professor muttering "you dumb bitch" under his breath as she walked away, but then I realized it was just me. If I was the professor, I'd have answered her question with a jab to the kidney. "Sit down dumbass," I'd have said, as I kicked her rotund ass back to her seat.

All throughout the test, one moron after another got up and asked the professor stupid questions. By the way, the next time I hear someone say "there's no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid people" they're going to get a mouth full of my foot. I'm tired of people and their clever little sayings. Stupid questions do exist. For example, any question directed towards me starting with the words "why should I..." The answer is always: because I said so, asshole. Also, I'm pretty damn sick of these stupid game shows titled with rhetorical questions. They should make a new game show called "Who Wants To Avoid Pissing Me Off," a show in which contestants compete with each other to avoid pissing me off, which only pisses me off more and I end up ripping everyone a new asshole at the end of the show. Everyone is a loser on my game show.

214,544 bullshit. What more can I say?

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