Tabasco Sauce Kicks Ass.

The kick-ass tabasco

Real men put Tabasco Sauce on everything. My brother, and some of my friends are Tabasco hating wimps (these are the same jerks that don't like onions with their food... I know, I'm not proud of it). Anyway, for those of you that don't know (because you're communists), Tabasco Sauce is a hot sauce made of red capsicum peppers, salt and vinegar.

The peppers are crushed, put in jars with vinegar and salt for a month or so, and then stirred for about another month or so. The result? A kickass sauce to put on anything. Here is what I suggest putting Tabasco sauce on:

  • Everything

    Tabasco sauce goes best with everything, and plenty of it. If you happen to be sharing a meal with a Tabasco hating pussy, be sure to load it up with Tabasco and onions (they hate that). You have to be real stern with these type of people. You have to act real tough and manly around them so they feel intimidated, and it helps you feel better about yourself. If they start to bitch and moan about you being "too mean", tell them you're insecure about yourself, and that making fun of others makes you feel better. Then when they're feeling sympathy for you, strike again! Suckers.

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