You've graduated college,
but you're still a dumbass.

Teachers aren't paid enough, period. If someone with no skills or formal education can go work for a company straight out of highschool and be making more than a teacher in 6 months, something is wrong with the system. People aren't learning anything in schools these days because teachers just don't give a shit. They don't care about our grades, they don't care if we learn, they don't care about our difficulties. The just don't care. Why? Because they have to put up with 30 lazy, resentful, apathetic dipshits 5 times a week for the rest of their lives. Their compensation, if you can call it that, is sometimes as low as $25k / year. Who the hell would want that job?

My highschool chemistry teacher worked part time at K-Mart after school. What the hell message is that sending to his students? "Learn chemistry and study hard in school and maybe you too can work in K-Mart stocking shelves some day." He was working next to the students in his class. Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Why the hell should anyone learn science or math anymore? Nobody appreciates the effort and you sure as hell won't get paid for struggling with the more difficult subject matter. The worst thing about it is that not only are less and less people studying science, but the dumbasses who take the easy route are rewarded with job offers, as if it wasn't backwards enough that the less work you do the more you get paid.

It's sad when a no-neck, ass-kissing, dipshit exec can make more money than the teacher that has to put up with dumbass spoiled snot-nosed kids day after day with no end in sight. The teacher sits around and baby sits morons all day while everyone else is out making money. No wonder people graduate from college these days with no skills. They weren't taught anything because their teachers were shit. Nobody with skills wants to be stuck teaching dipshits for the rest of their lives and I don't blame them.

174,972 assholes graduate from college not knowing how to do a damn thing.

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