Who would make a better president Bush or a box of Tic-Tacs?
An objective analysis.

It seems that I offended a few people with my page on Bush. So I've decided to do what I always do when I offend people: I offend them more. Enjoy.

Republican party's #1 candidate.   #1 position in the U.S. breath mint category.
Comes in only one flavor: bullshit.   Comes in six flavors.
Promotes tax cuts.   Promotes tooth decay.
Has about 20% body fat.   Only 1 and 1/2 calorie.
Causes unprecedented world-wide support to turn against the U.S. with inflammatory rhetoric and borderline imperialism.   Just sits there.
Cost: $400,000 per year.   Cost: 92 cents.
Has 0 mg sodium when he's not choking to death from a salted pretzel lodged down his throat.   0 mg sodium.
Can keep a straight face while condoning plagiarism and forgery.   Long lasting fresh breath.
Has a brother named "Jeb;" possibly the dumbest name ever, next to "Arod."   Rhymes with "nick-nack," which is almost as stupid as "Jeb."

Now it's your turn to decide, click on who you think would do a better job as president to view the poll results:

Who do you think would make a better president?
Bush Tic-Tacs

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