Titanic Fans: Eat Me.

My people are endangered. Dropping like flies, one-by-one, they turn to the dark side. Not me. I'm one of the few still fighting the good war: I still haven't seen Titanic.

Why do I refuse to see this movie? It's bullshit. That's why. As far as I understand, it's a love story. But is it really? To me, it sounds like the theme of adultery in disguise. Why go through all the trouble of recreating every meticulous detail of the Titanic and its era if you're going to create some fictional love story to go along with it? WHO CARES? What's the point? If you've seen the Titanic, ask your self what the movie meant to you. If you have to think about the answer, your answer is wrong. The answer is nothing. The Titanic means nothing. It's old news, and this new love story is bullshit. Simple as that. Go watch Rambo II or something, and quit raving about the movie.

Then come the idiots. The flaming Titanic idiots from hell. Those morons that buy the movie, and then edit the nudity so they can watch it with their families. But then they leave in all the savage violence and hatred in the movie, along with the entire theme of adultery. Sure, why not? Class segregation and adultery are acceptable family values, but heaven forbid people see a little nudity. It might cause everybody to break out into an orgy of sex and violence. Please.

I wonder why the Titanic appeals to the intellect of 13 year old girls? Maybe because it's a shitty, simple movie for shitty simple people. Shitty, Shitty, Shitty, Shitty. I can't say it enough. Titanic is shitty. Only shit-eaters would see it. Worthless. Leave me alone.

286,101 people have turned to the dark side.

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