Those bastards

Valentine's day sucks. Who cares about Valentine's day? Not me. Maybe all you winners out there looking for an excuse to buy flowers, cards, candy and stupid heart-shaped dolls will finally realize that it's pointless. Who needs it? Year after year, people buy this shit, circulate it for a few days, and then it sits around and harbors bitter memories of past relationships. Why don't people give out crow bars to each other for Valentine's day instead? That way they could use the crow bars on themselves to help pry their heads out of their ass.

Valentine's day should be abolished. For 360 or so days of the year, everyone is bitter, angry and hateful, but then comes Valentine's day, and everyone hugs each other and plays grab ass. Please.

I understand that there are many people who depend on the business that Valentine's day generates, and I understand that it only happens once every year; but it's too much.

Besides, everyone knows that the best way to spend Valentine's day is to sit home alone and sulk. That's right. None of this healthy socialization or fancy schmancy dates for me. I'm sitting home this Valentine's day (again), and I'm going to have a great time sleeping. Hell, if I'm in a particularly festive mood, I'll bust out the party hats and throw myself a damn party. Nobody else is invited. To hell with friends.

The first annual Valentine's day Cupid slaughter!

154,757 people think I'm a pretty big loser (still).

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