Nobody cares that you took a nap, really.

Bloggers are ruining the internet. What are "bloggers"? They're fat--usually gothic--losers who keep web logs instead of hanging out with friends because they wet the bed and don't have any. A web log is a type of online diary where people who aren't important can pretend to be by writing to an imaginary audience. Girls are notorious for keeping these. On a typical site, you'll find a 17 year old girl with hundreds of webcam pictures of herself pasted everywhere, an Amazon wish list so they can exploit wankers that visit their site, and about 2 gigs worth of text documenting every time they took a shit, had an epiphany about taking a shit or ate something (all written in extremely stylish, yet IMPOSSIBLE TO READ micro-font).

Here is an actual quote from a web log I happened across in my referral logs today: "I took the best nap today.. so so great. And I ate a sandwich, but it wasnt that great, and it kinda made me sick... but it's better than nothing."

So the question is: does anybody in the universe care about Ms. X who had "the best nap today" or that she ate a mediocre sandwich? I don't, which is why I promptly uninstalled my browser and punched some guy sitting next to me. The page goes on and on about how she's bored, tired, depressed, lonely, hungry, frustrated, etc, etc, etc. I can't remember the last time I wanted somebody's fingers to break so badly.

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