Access to your company is restricted at this time.


The corporate category "Fascist" is filtered.


If you feel that your organization has been characterized unfairly, arbitrarily, and without any formal consensus, feel free to sit helplessly with your thumb up your ass, and enjoy discrimination under the same heavy-handed, pious, one-size-fits-all policy that you've been inflicting upon other websites for years now.

Being on the receiving end of your self-appointed judicial bullshit for a change, you may disagree with this label and want to submit an appeal to change your categorization. If so, please feel free to contact with your organization name and a brief description of the reason you wish to change your category.

Upon receiving your request, I will give it a passing glance and shrug it off lightly, regardless of the fact that the number of requests to change your status to something else may outweigh the number of requests to keep it the same.

In the mean time, don't worry about the millions of hardcore bukkake, gang-bang, and rape sites your filters miss, satire sites should be your top priority. Irresponsible parents who can't be bothered with supervising their children will thank you for it.

1,038,406 Websense employees are now on the receiving end of a ban for once.

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